Images by freelance photographer, Sandeep Kapur, based in Delhi, India. In his own words :
"Life touched me through the various angles of my lens, a mother adoring her sleeping child, smiles of young school children, an old man's dignified wrinkled lines, a bird teaching its new born to fly and survive. I started to feel and see more. My interest in photography took me to the ruralĀ and remote parts of India. After being there I realised that we city dwellers have forgotten how to live, everybody in the city is in a mad rush and nobody knows why. In the rural and remote areas I saw people having a relaxed pace of life, facing all hardships with a smile. I saw people from different cultures, I saw people living in harsh terrains, I saw some breathtaking places, I saw some beautiful people - I fell in love with my India all over again".
Sandeep Kapur
+91 9910023238
Delhi, India.
This site is dedicated to our dear friend Edward DiTomas from New York, who always has been our guiding light
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